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Sleep Diagnostics of America is a sleep center with four locations in and around the Houston, Texas area. Our sleep clinic offers a wide variety of sleep medicine services including testing and treatments for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Sleep Diagnostics of America also provides patients with treatment supplies including machines such as CPAPs, Auto PAPs, BiPAPs, and more.

Our main focus is patient comfort and care. If you visit one of our sleep centers, you will be greeted by a knowledgeable and welcoming staff member. Our sleep study rooms are designed to be warm and welcoming environments. Each room is equipped with a Sleep Number™ beds so that guests can adjust the mattress to their perfect comfort level.

Give us a call at (281)218-6990 or use the buttons below if you would like more information on where we are located, what services we offer, or details on appointments.  

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What's your sleep score?

The Epworth Sleepiness Scale can measure your daytime sleepiness and determine if it is high enough to justify further testing.

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Why choose us

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  • Each patient receives a private room. 
  • Each room has a Select Comfort Sleep Number™ bed so you can adjust the firmness. 
  • Each room is decorated to be warm and welcoming.
  • Thoughtful extras are provided like coffee, water, and WIFI.
  • We work directly with your physician.
  • All testing is overseen by a registered polysomnographer.
  • All results are completed by a board certified sleep specialist. 
  • We have a full-time medical director who specializes in sleep medicine. 
  • We have a registered respiratory therapist on staff.
  • We have an EEG tech on staff.
  • We have four testing facilities around the greater Houston area.
  • We provide flexible testing schedules to align with your sleep schedule.
  • We accept all main insurance carriers.
  • We offer payment plans and discounts for cash payments.
  • We offer a variety of diagnostic tests and treatments.

Do you have questions?

Give us a call at (281)218-6990.

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