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Sleep Testing is ordered by a physician

If you have sleep concerns, speak to your doctor
about needing a sleep study and have them
fax order to 281-218-7969

Overnight Sleep Studies

About Sleep Studies

Sleep tests are an opportunity for your physician to see what goes on with specific activities such as heartrate, oxygen level in blood, brain waves, breathing, movements etc.. in a patient’s most relaxed state. The sleep test take 1 night (sometimes 2) depending on results. We are also able to determine if a person has OSA (obstructive sleep apnea) a serious life threatening condition.

Sleep studies are coordinated with our patients during their normal sleep time. For instance if a patient is a shift worker or works nights we will schedule them for a sleep evaluation when they normally go to sleep. (Example: if you leave work at 3AM and typically go to sleep at 4AM we will coordinate your appointment for 4AM.

What to bring

Bring yourself, a change of clothes if desired, an overnight or personal hygene kit (toothbrush, comb, brush, mouthwash, etc.,) and that’s it.

What will happen once you arrive

When you arrive at one of our four locations for your sleep study, you will be greeted by the sleep technologist who will be monitoring you throughout your test cycle. The technologist will be there all night and can answer any questions and explain the procedures in detail. Patient will have their own private room no one will be in the room with them, we have queen size sleep number beds to try and mimic their mattress at home.

Once you are ready for the test, the tech will apply electrodes to various areas of the body, which do not restrict you from sleeping or moving about. There are no needles and no pain. Once the monitoring equipment is configured, you just lay back, relax and sleep. We’ll see you in the morning.

Office Hours

Administrative office staff available: Mon- Friday 9am-5pm and lunch 12-1
Sleep Studies are scheduled by appointment only.


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Houston, TX 77008

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