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Sleep Diagnostics of America
continues to be a front runner in the field of
sleep medicine. Most clients are referred to
our testing program for symptoms of
excessive daytime sleepiness, or snoring, such
as is common in the condition called
"Obstructive Sleep Apnea". However, there
are over eighty distinct sleep disorder
categories whic have been defined,
most of which can now
be successfully treated.


Sleep Diagnostics of America represents several different medical disciplines that have united to form a comprehensive sleep disorder program. Our goal is to supply the healthcare community one source to meet all their sleep disorder related needs.

What sets us apart:

  • We work directly with physicians and all testing is overseen by a registered polysomnographer (sleep technologist) and results are completed by a sleep specialist, board certified.
  • We have a full-time Medical Director with expertise in sleep medicine.
  • A private room is provided for each patient, with sound, light, and temperature
  • control and easy communication with the technologist.
  • Our rooms are designed to be warm, welcoming, non-medical sleep environments
  • Our queen-sized Sleep Number™ beds adjust firmness with the touch of a button
  • We accept all main insurance carriers
  • We offer payment plans and discounts for cash payments 
  • Complete personalized care
  • Four convenient locations in and around Houston, Texas


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New Location
Our brand new houston location is now open.

Sleep Number Beds
All four of our locations are equipped with fully adjustable sleep number beds

For concerns about safety or quality of care, contact the Joint Commission at
630-792-5000 or
Mainland American
Sleep Diagnostics, Inc.

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